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Heavy metal’s favorites Sabaton perform at Jalometalli


Melodic power metal band Sabaton from Sweden tops up the program for 15th Jalometalli festival in Oulu. The band, lead by its charismatic singer Joakim Brodén and bass player Pär Sundström, issued their 7th studio album “Heroes” in spring of 2014. The album is dedicated to war heroes and contains a song about Finnish soldier Larry Thorne. The previous album tells about the reign of Charles XII, the King of Sweden. The band has written sings about the ones that fought in Winter War and Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä.

In 2009 Sabaton played in Oulu for the 1rst time at Jalometalli Winterfest, and the 2nd time at Club Teatria in 2012. The Haunted and Spiritual Beggars were earlier confirmed to perform at Jalometalli Metal Music Festival.

More bands to play at the festival will be announced sometime in winter.

Advance tickets for Jalometalli are sold at Ticketmaster Finland. The price for discounted “Christmas Tickets” sold until Christmas Eve starts at 83,50€. Regular price for two-day advance tickets starts at 99,50€. VIP tickets and accommodation packages will be sold later. Two-day ticket packages with accommodation are sold by Original Sokos Hotel Arina. More information: www.jalometalli.net/liput


The first three performers are confirmed

  • Jalometalli is celebrating its 15th year event in Oulu in Kuusisaari on the 8 – 9.7.2016.
  • The event is changing its usual event time to the second weekend of July.
  • The first performers confirmed are At the Gates, The Haunted and spiritual Beggars, all from Sweden.
  • Discount “Christmas Tickets” are sold until the Christmas Eve.

Next year Jalometalli Metal Music Festival is celebrating its 15 year old mark. During all these years, the festival has always been held in August, but this year it will take over the island of Kuusisaari in Oulu during the best time slot – the middle of the festival summer, the 2nd weekend of July.


The festival crew is honored to welcome At the Gates to Oulu for the first time. The pioneers of ‘Gothenburg sound’ in melodic death metal are still performing in their classic line-up. Their first masterpiece album “Slaughter of the Soul” was issued exactly 20 years and 2 weeks ago. It was followed by much anticipated comeback ‘At War With Reality’ only in 2014 after the band had reactivated.

Pioneers of traditional Swedish Metal The Haunted will bring their own strong, original portion of thrash and death metal. In early 2000ies the band recorded “Made Me Do It”, “One Kill Wonder” and “Revolver”, which quickly became classics. Jonas Björler on bass and Adrian Erlandsson on drums still play in The Haunted, which they founded together with Anders Björler after At the Gates had disbanded.

Spiritual Beggars will treat the festival attendees to the groovy and heavy stoner rock set. Michael Amott, known for Arch Enemy and Carcass, is responsible for creating this band already 20 years ago.

Advance two-day tickets for Jalometalli are on sale from the 2nd of December. The price for discount “Christmas Tickets” starts at 83,50€. The offer is valid until Christmas Eve. Regular price for two-day advance tickets starts at 99,50€. Advance tickets are sold at every Lippupalvelu sale booth. VIP tickets and accommodation packages are on sale later.

The festival’s age limit is 18+ years old. Promoter Marco Järvenpää’s comments on the new, 18+ age limit policy of the festival:

We’ve been checking the progress of underage ticket sales for a long time now. During past five years, the amount of ticket sales decreased from several hundreds to just a few dozen. Also, the costs of making an all-ages event have increased so much that they are not worth it anymore. Due to changes in age limit policy we can now make the festival area even more enjoyable for the attendees, so it can better benefit the metal crowd.

The next performers at Jalometalli are going to be unveiled before Christmas.